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here i stand
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Your hidden tears left someoptions
In case you didn’t see me, I saw you
I knew that this time, I’m late
But today, I only waited for you

When I called you, I look like a fool
But one day you’d be looking at me too
Your tears, I long & wait for it
just another day passed by

That day I cried,
Its goodbye forever in order to be happy
Sometimes I laugh at something
I’m fine thank you
thank you

Just as no one is looking 
You may forget all about me
I think of that sometimes
But, Don’t worry

I tried to hard whenever I wanted to see you
Winds blew into me
Sometimes I sing my name while on the hill
Let me rests and hold you

I’m fine thank you Thank you x2
I’m fine thank you Thank you x2 

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kyungsoo judges your peasantly way of carrying the backpack
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the head of the taemin fanclub himself: kim jonghyun
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Lullaby - Baekhyun
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